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The CIS Ladies Wing

As-salamu Alaikum Wa’Rahmathullahi   Wa’Barakathuhu

The Centre for Islamic Studies is an establishment founded two decades ago for the purpose of inculcating Da’wah work.

Providing religious knowledge to those who embrace Islam and in the way of Allah Subhanawatala.

The Organization has ventured into numerous projects of utmost importance towards the Community & Society.

They are :

  • Amal International School for Boys.
  • Housing Scheme established for Reverts at Kahataowita.
  • Programmes for Reverts – Imparting Religious knowledge. 
  • Welfare and Sadakah.
  •     The CIS Ladies Wing [ was inaugurated on the 2nd of August, 2003 ]
  • Vision and Mission.

    The Vision of the Ladies Wing is to empower the ‘Muslim Women’ by providing resources and opportunities to improve and enhance their quality of life with knowledge. To strengthen the unity and solidarity amongst our community and be able to help our sisters at an hour of need in the following matters of concern:-

    • Religious
    • Educational
    • Social
    • Cultural

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